Kracht in de Nacht met Boomsma Beerenburger

Kracht in de Nacht met Boomsma Beerenburger

(Strength in the Night with Boomsma Beerenburger, a Frisian distilled spicy beverage)

The strength of Grutte Pier was immeasurable. The battle of the Frisian folk hero also took place in the night. The strength of those nights is the inspiration for this beer “Strength in the Night”.

The bottle is closed by a matte black layer and 12 months ripen in a cool location. In this period of reflection, the beer undergoes a taste evolution and develops its power.

This beer has become more complex with the addition of the very tasteful Boomsma Beerenburger

Tasting beer, unfiltered and fermented.
Alcohol: 11.5%
Serving temperature: 11-12 ° C

Fragrance: laurel, malty, coffee and dark fruit.
Taste: Roasted malts, licorice, figs, beerenburg spices and raisins.
Mouth feel: Viscous and astringent.
Aftertaste: Long and flavorful, licorice, raisins and warming.



Chocolate malt



Boomsma Beerenburger